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Food to Build Your Blood


  • Iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 are most often needed to cure blood deficiency. One must keep in mind that copper, Bitamin B and/or Vitamin C may be needed to help with absorption of iron.

  • Royal jelly

  • Gelatin

  • Carp soup

  • Mussels

  • Oysters

  • Beef

  • Lamb

  • Pork liver

  • Blackberry

  • Raspberry

  • mulberry

  • Grape

  • Chlorophyll

  • Pickled radish

  • Spirulina

  • Turnip

  • Watercress

  • Folic acid is abundant in micro-algae such as spirulina, sprouts, leafy greens and chlorophyll-rich foods. Keep in mind that the folic acid can be easily lost in cooking for too long.

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