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Referrals are the Greatest Compliments


Lisa is a talented, sensitive and very supportive acupuncturist. I recommend her to my friends and family. She is educated in more than one type of acupuncture and knows how to address a wide variety of conditions and problems. Plus she's a great person and a lot of fun to see!  – Kristi A., Seattle



Lisa is excellent.  I'm an acupuncturist, so I know what I'm looking for!  I've seen her for 8 years.  Trained in TCM and 5-element acupuncture, she is able to tackle physical and emotional level problems with a down-to-earth and professional approach.  – Erin M., Seattle



Lisa has made a phenomenal difference in my life.


As a medical professional with a medical diagnosis, I pursued the western medicine route toward health for 2 years: all failed in making any significant difference – in fact, I was struggling with several side effects from the medications that I was taking. I was desperate for help – and highly cynical.


That was 5 years ago. As a result of Lisa’s work with me, my life is more completely integrated at the physical, mental and emotional levels, I take fewer and different medications with fewer side effects, and my life has a sense of rhythm rather than continual upheaval.  – M. M., Bothell



Last year I had a pinched sciatic nerve that was giving me constant pain. I tried 2 months of physical therapy, 10 chiropractor appointments and a bunch a different pills my doctor prescribed....none of it worked. Went in for acupuncture and within 4 -6 visits my pain was gone...... Thank you!!!!!  – Jay M., Renton



I had terrible case of sciatica which bugged me for years. After two sessions with Lisa, the issue was completely resolved and has never returned. I have since returned to Lisa for general health treatments and always feel like a million bucks afterward. I would highly recommend Lisa for any kind of acupuncture treatment you need.  – Mark L., Seattle



Treatments with Lisa always began with a thorough update of my physical symptoms, but just as importantly, my overall holistic state of being … her customized treatment plan and intuitive way of listening to my body, led to treatments that rebalanced my energy and alleviated my emotional discomfort, allowing my body to balance and physical changes to occur.  – Lori, Bellevue

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