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Foods to Build Your Yin



  • Millet, barley, wheat germ, wheat, rice, teff, quinoa, amaranth

  • Seaweeds and micro-algaes (especially chlorella and spirulina) - A great way to get these nutrients is to throw a piece of kombu into the pot when making the grains. As the grains cook and absorb the water they get the nutrients from the seaweed without changing the flavor. When the grain is done cooking throw out the kombu.



  • Tofu, kidney beans, mung beans, black beans string bean, black soybean and their sprouts

  • Fruits and vegetables:

  • Beets, string beans, kuzu, persimmon, grapes, blackberry, raspberry, mulberry, banana and watermelon and other melons, water chestnuts, potato, black sesame seeds.


Animal products:

  • Cow or goat’s milk, yogurt, cheese, egg, clam, abalone, oyster, sardine, duck, beef, or pork.

  • Limit the dairy products to avoid dampness

  • Recommended herbs include marshmallow root, prepared rehmannia root, mandarin, asparagus root, aloe vera gel, and silver colloid. It can be beneficial to prepare them in a soup of congee form.

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